Fust's music

Here you'll find some of my music

Both composed by me and covers

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is my very first classical pieces.
It consists of three little tunes.

The first one "The Dragon Arrives" is where the golden dragon arrives near by the little village.

The day after the mighty entrance of the dragon, the "Morning" comes nices and peacefully.

But the dragon eats the sheep of the villagers and burns their crops, so the villagers decided to battle the dragon in "Battle Of The Village".
Who wins?

The music is entirely midi and are produced in Logic Pro, using Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra - Discover

Theme from Olsen Banden
played by me
on the instruments I have at home
During Covid-19 lockdown, my funk band Funky Farfar
got everybody to record themselves at home
and then I put the video together.
I've recorded the drums but I'm not the one
who mixed the sound